Information about our Landward Team, Mooring Guidelines and Rescue Boat

The Landward Team look after:

The responsibility for a club member’s mooring lies entirely with the member. 

The purpose of these mooring guidelines is to support members in carrying out that responsibility. The guideline for Harbour and Bay Moorings provide access to many years of learning about what works in our harbour and our bay.

To make it easier for members to maintain suitable moorings we will place orders as a club at set intervals for the component parts based on members requests, and carry some spares for those who may join during the period between orders. This system has been in operation for Bay Moorings for several years and seems both robust and popular with members, we have had far fewer boats breaking away from Bay Moorings in recent years. For Bay moorings the order is placed every three years when the moorings are brought in for maintenance. 

We will place an order for harbour moorings before craning in and then determine what the right order frequency is for harbour moorings.

Our thanks go to the many people who have helped produce these guidelines. If you are new to the club or have never really thought about your mooring then please ask other members for help and guidance, learning by trial and error is unnecessary and costly.

Rescue Boat

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